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After a lifelong study of bio-energy, I am eager to share with you some of the observations within these studies.
I have observed bio-energy physiology and psychology through clairvoyance, conscious theta, delta and epsilon wave meditation, with eyes open.
The energy is constantly moving and shifting density, layers and patterns. It’s a bit like our atmosphere, weather circulation and ocean currents. Any person can train to be more aware of these energies. It simply takes a willingness to learn. Dogs and many other species have this sensory ability and rely on their observations for survival. In the future, imaging equipment will come into use and much more will be understood about how we function.

Gentleman, front facing

Less energy shows on his right side.

Energy is strong over the crown.

Strong bubbling around the left side brain

and upper part of face showing extreme

communication. A stream of energy comes

 out from the heart. The intensity shows

 emotions are sometimes out of control.

An orange dominant energy shows the person

works mainly with emotions in his decisions.

Gentleman,  facing left, front view

Explosive energy off the top and front of head,

back of the head and at the top of the spine.

His face and body are quiet showing reserved

body language and facial expression. The blue

shows a person altruistic in his goals. His brain is

far more active than his body. His own interpretations

of life are strong and sometimes not practical.

He is kind person with up and down behavior.

Three male politicians A, B, and C, are running for the same office.

Front facing views

    Politician A
    Politician B
    Politician C

(A) Heals every political problem he comes too. His energy is lessening on his left side and he died about 2 years after this drawing was done. His chakra development shows passion, sharing and a deep sincere emotional love.

(B) Has vitality, strong physical energy, is well-balanced and caring. He has a good mind and an emotionally light nature. He is a good organizer and has a strong urge to share his wisdom. He is vocally clever and presents in a warm manner.

(C) Has an inconsistent energy pattern. He tires easily. His organizational qualities are limited. His emotions are weak and hesitant. His goals are high, however, his body and mental energy are not intense enough to carry out his ideas. Not grounded although well meaning.

Who do you think won the political appointment?

The girl in the painting drowned about 4 years earlier. She was underwater for about 7 minutes before she was brought to the surface. CPR was performed by ordinary people before a medical team arrived. She came round after about 10 minutes and screamed  a most beautiful cry. I rejoiced. She was put under a cold blanket and quickly taken to the hospital. The outcome was severe mental-delay. She was hugged and held close with many energy transfers for about 3 years. She finally caught up with her age development shown in this painting. Her bio-energy shows a lot of white, which is a form of grace, bestowed upon this beautiful child.  She has fully recovered.

This little boy is autistic, head bangs and is difficult to manage. I painted him with kitty as his energy is smooth and calm when with her and you would not observe his autistic condition. His bio-energy evens out and matches the cat. Usually he cannot reach out and does not touch anything. The cat is the treatment of choice and the energy transfer enjoyable and life sustaining for both.
A light blue bio-energy filled with a large amount of white shows an immense amount of grace for both. In this case the relationship with kitty was the best medicine at the time. Now there is medical assistance to help with autism.

A view of politician (A) when he was in better health.
His drive and compassion was “over the top”.
He was a skilled individual working to better the human condition.
It did not matter to him if he had to stand alone.
His courage and love made this a better world.

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