Physics Gallery and Metaphysics

To demonstrate how one creates their own reality

Immersed in all
My senses to navigate
This great sea of life

Quantum Physics: Little bits of stuff and how they work

Quantum Metaphysics: Waves, pulses, vibrations, flows and their effects on little bits of stuff.

To those who would like to study “stuff”, look into particles, quarks, leptons and tachyons.

There is consciousness in all brain wave states if one wishes to develop this ability

Zen, Yoga, Meditation and Prayer all have training methods to be “awake in these states “.
Brain wave states have a mix of function that varies with each individual at any given time.
t depends on where you are in the “mix” to experience the effects of those states.
A state full of theta dominant waves give a different view of the function of metaphysics than other brain wave states and mixes.
Individuals do not want to go past being conscious in Alpha as it can be disorienting without
guidance as the context of reality changes.

Below is a brief outline from my experiences in different states:          

Scientific System
Personal Experience System
Higher than Lambda
Not yet observed by Scientific community.
Overtones and convergence
Interface with
Universal Consciousness
Super Conscious experience
100hz - 200hz
Associated with integration,
Mystical Experiences,
Out of body experiences.
Rides on Epsilon Waves
Interface with " Sea of Knowledge"
Akashic records
40hz - 100hz
Higher awareness
Tibetan Monks in loving
kindness meditation
Focus on humane issues
Normal Waking Consciousness
Active thinking focused and unfocused
Awake, relaxed, not processing
much information. Creative inspiration, insight with bursts of alpha, mainly on the left side of the brain. Non-creative people have little alpha function.
Constant alpha state, both sides of brain. 24/7 life of creative being.
Multi-media artist.
Normaly unused brain areas become active. Reduces stress highest amounts of human growth hormone released. Sleep
Time and space change function. Conscious out of body experiences. Pattern and interconnection awareness.
Normal in awake children under
12 years. REM and deep sleep. Comatose individuals
Observed physics change function. Multi-level instantaneousness
< 0.5hz
Deep sleep, comatose individuals
Lambda waves embedded in epsilon waves.
Simultaneousness, here and there same time, death experiences.

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